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first_imgSusaeta45361.6%172 Özil47105 Isco44269 Joaquin32 (3)0 Busquets91.03%2278873.04 Bruno Soriano7.113.361.8312.31 Koke He has a glove on his feet. The footballer of Atlético de Madrid is the best assistant of LaLiga in the last ten campaigns, according to data provided by Opt about the best midfielders in LaLiga. Koke has dealt 70 goal passes in 303 games since the 2010-2011 season. Quite an offensive bulwark and fundamental pillar for the whole of Simeone. 39 of them have been in play with the ball in motion. By cons, 31 distributed them to set pieces (after corner or free kick). Xabi Prieto and Isco, creators of goal plays Orellana33 (5)0 Xavi, the king of success in the passXavi Hernández is the midfielder with the best percentage of good passes in LaLiga with a very high 93.57%. It is closely followed by the other metronome of the competition: Toni Kroos. The German from Real Madrid signs a 93.03% of good passes, although with less number of passes attempted than the former Barcelona. KroosFour. Five176 Equal26 (56.5%)46 Xabi Prieto44271 Iniesta43232 Both the former soccer player of the Real society as the medium of Real Madrid are the midfielders who more occasions create with ball in motion. They are among the footballers who generate the most scoring chances for their teams (the first is Koke). Nevertheless, Xabi Alonso as Isco have a high percentage of creating danger with the ball in motion. PlayersGoalsDirect free kick goals PlayersFouls committedAverage per match Kroos, the best set pieces Raúl García76 (15 penalty)0 Trashorras37461%145 Susaeta21 (42%)fifty Al-sadd Midfield playerSpain In contrast, Raúl García is by far the highest scoring midfielder in this last decade. 76 goals, 15 of them with a penalty, between Osasuna, Atlético and Athletic. He has not scored a direct free kick goal. Quite the opposite of his closest pursuer, Dani Parejo. 57 goals, with 24 from the penalty spot and 11 direct free kick. Koke is among the top goalscorer midfielders, but curiously he has not scored de its 33 targets, neither from the eleven meters or from a direct free kick.Top goalscorer midfielders Raúl García6462.04 Ivan Rakitic is next on the list and closely follows the rojiblanco. The Croatian half, both with Seville and with Barça, has assisted in 55 goals. The top-3 completes it Markel Susaeta, the former Athletic player, gave his teammates up to 50 goal passes: 29 with the ball played and 21, for a corner kick or a foul.The best assistants of LaLiga Rubén Pérez7.142.512.0311.68 Rakitic42360.5%164 Equal53453.9%245 Gabi5902.15 However, it is a former partner of Xavi who takes the palm as the midfielder who gives the most passes per game. Sergio Busquets widely leads the statistics of passes made in LaLiga from 2010-2011. Busquets has reached 22,788 passes in 312 games. With a not inconsiderable 91.03% in the pass.Top-10 of most good passes His passes have generated, in these ten years, 399 and 379 occasions of danger, respectively but mmore than 85% of those actions have been with the ball in play.More scoring chances generated The data offered by Opta in these ten campaigns reflect former Atlético captain, Gabi, as the most recovering footballer in the championship. Besides, of being the player with the most successful innings in LaLiga. However, it is Bruno Soriano who has better data on interceptions lor that it reports a better average of defensive actions, ahead of the aforementioned Gabi. Therefore, the footballer of Villarreal He’s been better defensively this time.Defensive actions Xabi Prieto39992.7%27 Say mary49124 Morales34 (6)0 Koke31 (44.3%)70 Rakitic23 (41.8%)55 Gabi80.6%1521455.3 Víctor Sánchez5562.10 Illarramendi84.78%1264452.5 Gabi Koke82.93%1536750.7 Illarramendi6.572.511.8510.93 PlayersAssistsMatches played Joaquin42073.6%111 Kroos28 (62.2%)Four. Five Equal85.92%1764657.3 Isco37985%57 Kroos93.03%1259971.6 Iniesta89.6%1459462.9 Rakitic86.38%1624552.9 Raúl García: one of lime and the other of sand Banega85.021307656.1 Sarabia37 (3)one PlayersAssists ball stoppedTotal assists Pape Diop5412.12 Tomás Pina4461.92 Koke56056.3%243 Isco50 (2)one Susaetafifty281 Equal57 (24)eleven Raúl García He leads as key midfielder two key statistics. It is the means with the most fouls in this period of time: 646, although it has an average of 2.04 per game. For example, Gabi performs more per match on average: 2.15.Media with the most fouls made Equal46308 Beñat37237.1%232 Xabi Alonso6.872.162.3011.33 Players% success in the passPasses madePasses per game Koke33 (0)0 Koke70303 Xavi93.57%1357788.74 on average Gabi, the most recuperative Xabi Prieto38 (12)0 Rakitic55307 PlayersOccasions generated% of playA set piece PlayersRecoveriesInterceptionsSuccessful entriesAverage per match The German of Real Madrid He is the player with the best percentage of assists on set pieces. Kroos has distributed 28 goals, corresponding to 62.2% of the total of his 45 assists in 176 LaLiga games in the last ten years. Only Koke (31) has made more passes from goal to set pieces than the Teuton in this period, although with a worse percentage (44.3%) than Madrid.Assists on set pieces Since the campaign 2010-2011, The league He has left numerous data among the midfielders. One of the footballers who stand out in all sections is Koke Resurrection but there is more that they deserved to be among the top media during these years. The list is extensive and the sections to be highlighted are very extensive. Kroos38647.9%200 Rakitic49 (5)two Gabi7.492.292.4712.25last_img

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