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first_imgInternational Rail says it welcomes the recent changes Eurail has introduced to its passes product range and believes that the brand, agents and their clients will all benefit in the upcoming peak season.The range has been simplified significantly with the elimination of the Eurail Select Pass which previously required agents to determine exactly which countries the clients were travelling in. This makes it much easier for travel agents to sell, with only a single country or the full 31 country Eurail Pass available.The economic value of the passes has also increased with Eurail introducing an up to 37 percent reduction in cost. This comes with another huge benefit which will be popular for Australian travellers, of extending the coverage of Global Passes to now include Great Britain.And finally, for the mature traveller, we see the introduction of senior pricing which makes it even better value for this growing market.Owner and managing director Jonathan Hume said he was thrilled Eurail has implemented these changes to its program for 2019.“With the new cheaper pricing, expanded coverage and simplification of the product we expect to see strong sales for this reputable brand in 2019.”International Rail recently launched its new live booking system for rail systems in UK and Europe, allowing agents to book seat reservations for Eurail Passes instantly for their clients across the UK, Europe, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, as well as popular intercountry services such as Eurostar and overnight trains; the website connects directly to the European reservations systems.The full range of Eurail Passes can be accessed from the newly released travel agent portal by clicking on “Rail Passes and Tickets”. EurailInternational Raillast_img

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