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Use four points of evidence to show how to build a successful micro media

now playing WeChat has become a fashion, the habit of playing WeChat began to spread, we all play WeChat on the phone. It is because people play WeChat up, people will find and use the advantages of this platform, becoming the more popular WeChat media. In addition, it is not difficult to find the side suddenly has some WeChat mutual powder, powder and WeChat business, may be affected by the traditional media development, increasing growth in popularity is the key to the development of self media, such erroneous thinking leads to think the number is from the foot of the media. The only WeChat table and does not know its essence, WeChat and other media platform from the biggest difference in emotional communication and friends, although many people have an advantage, but not er up to enhance from the media, or will "shrink". Therefore, the following analysis focuses on the operation of WeChat from the media points. read more

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Teng Dapeng a qualified product manager should be half an SEO specialist

SEO has been understood by most websites and used in varying degrees. Many Internet companies will have someone to do SEO work, or find an outsourcing company that specializes in SEO, which shows the importance of SEO work.

But for the

product manager, when the product is discussed by the SEO staff to participate, especially out of this part of the work outsourcing company, let SEO staff to participate in the discussion are more trouble, result in products through the SEO optimization, wasting a lot of manpower and financial resources, and some optimization work do not place. Therefore, as a qualified product manager, we should be a half SEO experts, in the design of products, we should take into account the SEO problem, because the product design into the SEO, much better than the late optimization effect. read more

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Small stationmaster should learn to pay close attention to detail more

found the school power network from around March 20th (PopCup.CN) began to shake in the Baidu ranking, the first from the "the Baidu keyword Xiaonei code" ranked third today has started to fall, fell to seventh, eighth. From a large point of view, the occasional changes in the site ranking is normal; but from the details to analyze, there must be some reason.

Download speed of

1 web pages. Generally small number of bytes, web download fast station, visitors will feel better. From early March to early April, the school has been home Banner power network is linked to the Ali Mama advertising, then, occasionally people respond to my station open, I did not care too much, because I am always open, although a little slow, not aware of Suman place open condition. Advertising response to a lot of people Ali Mama, search engines will be punished, in fact, I don’t quite agree with this view, but Ali Mama advertising is open speed effect ", this is a fact, but also a lot of people easily overlooked details. Because the download speed of the web site is also an important factor affecting the ranking of the website (search engine rankings), it can be said that the details determine success or failure, and it is not too much to use here. read more

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Micro blog’s electricity supplier and Realization of the road who says social will die

In the social field, from

to electric fans economy on the road, micro-blog has been exploring the commercial value of the "cash", in this large social platform, micro-blog access to Taobao advertising, micro-blog, Ali will jointly pay interest as the leading construction of mobile social electricity supplier……

micro-blog Sina years ago: the biggest social networking platform in the minds of people

in 2014, after the listing of micro-blog Sina, micro-blog has become synonymous with the Sina micro-blog, micro-blog, micro-blog, Sohu, NetEase and Tencent such as micro-blog has gone, once again confirms the position of the one and only micro-blog. read more

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The website SEO needs to be real

in recent months, Baidu has been adjusting their algorithm to the railway station, from the initial period of two or three days to half a month now, the assessment period is longer, before many trash stands in the adjustment that is dead, some of the new owners do dumpster very melancholy, constantly updated the site, continue to wait and see, almost to be disappointed.

In fact,

SEO is the real site, again the station, and be a truth, the real work, maintaining the status quo eventually Baidu will be included on your site, you will stand on the top. A few days ago also made several stand for the experiment, a station (Shijiazhuang website optimization) http://s.www.sjzseo.com every two articles, plus a few links unshakable. Node crawling to just 15 days away from the collection of spider, a new adviser to another website network marketing, a few days ago, a few days after the update, the results of the site:www.xinguwen.com time, the external situation in the same situation, not included, then keep updated every day, late a week also included a website. read more

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Tired of standing want to quit

starts school, busy, busy, busy,

finishes classes by day, sits at the computer at 4 p.m., sits at 11 p.m.,

‘s been living like this all day. I can’t stand it anymore,

at noon, when the sun came out, I suddenly felt that I had not been out in the sun,

will be like Wang said, in order to do the station and can not see the sun tomorrow,

recently is really too tired, I do not know, may be too much radiation by the computer, do in front of the computer headache,

my own vision is beginning to decline now….. read more

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Do a few years of experience and insights

do stand for several years, experienced some failures, most of the owners have experienced setbacks, lost, helpless. To this day, I feel I am improving a little, so write what I want and share it with you.

speaking of doing stand, it is necessary to start from school. In the second grade college, because I saw some do Wangzhuan forum, then think a lot of people exchange in their own forum, he must have a sense of achievement, so I began to learn this knowledge. Then start building, promotion, very hard. After a period of time, there is also a small flow. I’ve been doing it all the time. read more

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Analyze the localization of local websites

, an important local station built, and is the starting point of this process, the cat would say is to do 1 years less than the local station, and not as it should be, and run everywhere, but I will still try hard!

What is

positioning? It’s the type of local station and the place of execution and the place of service with the crowd. We often say "no fight, no battle", that’s probably what it means.

first, we have to do is place, is where we need to service the people, some people say, of course do first-line, second tier city well, big city where if successful, of course, like the Hefei forum, Xiamen fish, of course is to earn a lot of money, but the first and second tier competition too large, without adequate funding and human resources, it can really do not see any hope and way, then we choose what kind of place? read more

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How do comic websites capture shallow reading to benefit from the public


platform is now all kinds of all kinds of Web sites are in blossom everywhere, set up signs, all kinds of information dazzling, dizzying, the current society has entered an era of "shallow reading". I’m afraid this society, some people want to see the eyes out of the window, two ears not worldly sound, normal people are difficult to estimate, no matter how deliberately avoided, or will be subject to erosion or other types of mobile phone information carrier of advertising information, which should be attributed to the impetuous society. read more

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Assemble the server and record the server’s record

assembly server and hosting server documentary

bought its own virtual host and VPS, with the feeling can also, but the performance and stability is still a big bottleneck. Can not help myself, and today I ran to Zhongguancun, assembled a server, bought in the morning, in the afternoon managed.

first step: buy 1U server accessories

because of my limited budget, in addition to their web sites are all static pages for server station, the pressure and the demand is not very high, but also to buy their own play, look at me following configuration: read more

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Analysis of the future development trend of local portal network

today, August 1, 2009, a day of work, I have to update my Chaozhou network (http://s.www.456q.com/) evening and tomorrow night and do not work, open the domestic ten large local portal network study, and < < 2009 Chinese local interactive network media market performance and Value Research Report > > in a few days ago; also, see tonight have time together to see, after reading it made me more and more optimistic about the local portal and local industry portal of the future. The report is the first from a commercial value point of view on regional websites. From the website traffic trends, Internet behavior, demographic characteristics, consumer behavior trends, wireless service applications and cross media research and other aspects of full investigation, and found some of the previously not publicized research results. read more

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Dai Renguang case sharing build a profitable Taobao guest blog


blog is more difficult to make money either at home or abroad, some foreign classic money blogging example, its profit comes from the basic monthly sale of advertising and advertising CPS, and rely on the goole Adsense click on the ads and little real money, for CPS in China, Taobao is the largest passenger CPS alliance because, my blog from 09 May 9th 2013 on the line, to the current 10 months time, I know it is not easy to do blog, is a website may be more difficult, because the blog is very focused on the content, even if the promotion again good, no real content and reader support, blog is just a decoration. I’m not sharing my blog today, but a blog I’ve been looking for for a long time. Www.99meili.com, a beautiful skincare day, was founded in 07 years, according to preliminary judgment. It’s been more than three years now. At present, the day’s traffic should be tens of thousands of IP, because the blogger’s content page has Ali mom ad bit, now take a look at the flow of bloggers. read more

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How does millet build a theme store

millet theme store most commendable is that it is no longer dominated by money maker posted, but the formation of a relatively independent economic body, so many third party designers and producers to also share its bonus".

four world cup is in full swing, the careful rice flour must have been found, millet official has launched a free world cup theme for rice noodles. For a considerable number of rice noodles, millet phones attract them most of the place is that there are a lot of topics to choose from. read more

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Emboldened and arrogant behind the analysis of the development of the U S group 100 billion group p

24, the founder of the U.S. mission network Wang a satellite: U. S. group in 2015 sales target of 100 billion, while in 2012 has reached 5 billion 550 million of the sales scale. Some people say bragging, and some people say it’s not surprising to see that number.

I still prefer the United States group, and his basic skills are very solid.

I used to talk to a group of American executives repeatedly about the US group, the most impressive is Wang’s an internal culture: users first, merchants second, employees third. To do O2O, users and businesses is a very difficult problem, and early days, the U.S. group has also been internal contradictions for many times, but also lead to many conflicts in management. Then they determine such a culture, and in order to handle all contradictions, for example, two sales fight, a sign early, a sign of low price, in the "customer first" culture, the signing of sales low price to win. read more

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How do you make yourself a success from the media

now from the media this thing is really a fire, everywhere from the media figure, the guy that scene that is quite lively ah, it was day, firecrackers, red flags fluttering, huge crowds of people. There are many from the media, star fans, the influence of the large, wide coverage, compared to many stars have had it. It is a place where everyone can do from the media era, is a national star era, since the media fire is not accidental, since the media star fire up more than luck, so how to put yourself into a success from the media, and media star read more

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Do station is not cheating wrong webmaster to individual webmaster advice

When I recently

in Ali mother inside buy advertising, occasionally go to the Ali Mama forum to look at, see every day there are a lot of people because of cheating leads to the Ali Mama advertising ban account, and because of the keyword Baidu or Google cheating lead to drop right or be K……

I think this a series of problems, many webmaster friends are met, I’m I engaged in Internet experience in recent years and a year of personal webmaster to elaborate my career on personal webmaster some ideas and understanding, if say wrong, also hope every read more

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Baidu half moon natural collection

April 29th website on-line, May 5th Google included, May 15th site Baidu included, this should be a natural included, the following talk about this period of time for the site to do some of the methods:

1, add content every day, add content, title to change, not to the same place to copy content, to go to different sites, regardless of the big, small, as long as the content meets your site’s needs,

2, in each BBS signature, are their station name, URL, link

3, in NetEase and other large web forums, send some more attractive post read more

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How to use the high quality service to retain the target users during the operation of the electroni

for operators who have e-commerce platform for the station, certainly all know that for an electronic business platform, to develop new targets, user costs are very high. Whether these users come from platform advertising, competitive advertising, or other marketing strategies, etc.. In some special industries, such as slimming products, breast enhancement, beauty and so on, competition is unusually fierce, and may develop a new target. The average cost of users will be hundreds of yuan. And for these we have worked hard to develop new users, and if they are just spending on your business platform once, then for your electronic business platform, is undoubtedly a huge loss. In this regard, how to retain target users has become an important issue in the operation of electronic business platform urgent need to solve. Below this article aims at this question, talks about the electronic business platform how to retain the target user through the high quality service. read more

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Huang Youcan ‘ve been in operation for 8 years from layman to COO

reminded: This is the depth of long words, no reading threshold, especially suitable for working / friends lost on the road of entrepreneurship. Complete reading takes about 30 minutes.

I used to be a traditional sales, but also a highest education, only junior high school cock wire. From the beginning of 2008, I entered the Internet industry has, in recent years, because I have done some good hailun project and operation case, plus the usual love is sharing, operating in the circle has been slowly a little popularity. As a result, a lot of new operators will run to ask me some questions. read more

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Ma Huateng MSN was QQ’s biggest rival but missed socializing and finally died

Abstract: "first, he died, we did not destroy, but did not catch up with socializing, it was destroyed by Facebook.". Second, they do not China localization, a revision, Chinese font out of order, hacking, security of these local operations do not pass. Chat now, QQ seems to be used for office, WeChat leisure, MSN office before, QQ leisure."

today (June 1st), University of Hong Kong held to innovation as the theme of "dreamer" (dream catchers) forum, Tencent founder Ma Huateng as keynote speakers, and Zhang Lifen and the famous media people thousands of people in the hall to talk. read more

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