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The original source of inspiration attention is a kind of attitude

many people know, cannot do without the original website optimization. But the timing quantitative update and maintain enough of the original but it is not an easy job to do. Sometimes there is no theme or is not inspiration, but also to the original, we used to go to other platform or web page to find inspiration, in the course of time, Guangzhou odd billion network Xiaobian to develop a daily news portal website and take a look at the latest information technology and IT.

I also tried to find inspiration to the blog. From the well-known industry blog to the webmaster of the personal blog, but in addition to copy and paste the endless, is the purpose of a strong marketing, all kinds of rigid feel good marketing, make people feel boring. read more

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Wang Tong love Shanghai search artificial interference is more and more serious

love Shanghai critical network opened the first day, we collected a lot of love Shanghai artificial interference case, not eight, now sorted out for your reference:

: JavaEye address: 贵族宝贝 ***贵族宝贝 here are two micro-blog fan Kai: 1, Shanghai love was so funny that I was in their own blog called love Shanghai words: " Baidu; the rotten goods are $40 billion a " 贵族宝贝 love Shanghai put JavaEye close down, from 370 thousand PV love to bring the Shanghai sag every day every day brings less than 70 thousand PV, this article is to search the JE link. 2, too happy, love a group of engineers in Shanghai was up dirty water. Honestly, I have not seriously on this matter was JavaEye, tomorrow there will be major changes will affect the Shanghai dragon, so I did not think this is love Shanghai K station is a big thing, this is not the first love of Shanghai, nor the last time to do so, the article is not Huo Ju your shield? You do not be too calm now, don’t be afraid to tell others dare to do. read more

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How hackers attack website Domain name hijacking attacks hackers detailed steps

, an attacker would first access network solution provided by www.networksolutions贵族宝贝 company, the company’s home page of the MAKE CHANGES function, input to query the domain name, the domain name registration information in the case of abc贵族宝贝, we will get the following information:

Starwave Corporation



Technical Contact, Zone Contact:

King, Thomas C. (SC3123-ORG)贵族宝贝

Capital Cities/ABC Inc (ABC10-DOM)

New York, NY 10023 read more

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Create 3000 rebate website promotion optimization case two

A few days ago

in front of a step before the operation if experienced friends the next day basically can see the effect. I believe we all know one-way links on the site improvements. For example, "Michael bag net", relying on the purchase of a large number of high quality one-way links, the results of the "taobao贵族宝贝" keywords are ranked in the top five to go, the effect is obviously. For example, here is not to let everyone have to buy links, buy links is not properly handled will be punished. Just explain the effect of one-way links kazakhstan. So for the grassroots webmaster can choose some Links platform. These platforms provide release link information. Then there is the open classification catalogue > read more

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see B2C cosmetics website of Shanghai Dragon station article

first personal suggestions don’t consider the price, even considering the price. After all, a server hang 100 websites, you can not guarantee that the 100 owners would like you honestly do stand, if there is a station K out by search engines or blocked IP, I want you to clear your heart more than I would stand even if this is followed by 100; a station inside the station some attacks, you still cannot escape being affected. But not all of the site server will have this problem, or please the webmaster friends themselves. > read more

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Lu Cong on the orders of the art network optimization

third, Language Arts (through the network optimization process of total orders)

, the first page of the customer experience

first of all I want to say, we can find the private network optimization is more hope to get good returns in a short period of time. Can this person is not willing to make too much money for these people, I think our network optimization personnel patient, not what can we list, the optimization of the network orders need to pay attention to what? The author combines his own experience to talk about the orders of the art network optimization. read more

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Apple1 auction price or over 1 million U S dollars entrepreneurs can learnAnalysis of making mone

5, the business experience products, such as online games, video, entertainment, gossip, money making products, users and advertising.

1, running news and information, such as DoNews donews, techweb, Adsense admin5, earn money on news, guidance and traffic.

7, the business communications intercourse platform, such as B2B, B2C, and C2C, is charged primarily to the seller.

8, business ideas exchange platform, such as a variety of blog, BBS website, earn advertising money.

10 provides services for individual users, such as IM’s , mail box 126, advertising money and value-added services. read more

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How do change to more than PR5 Links

WORDPRESS-BLOG as the core with the company’s website, I have a good relationship between the designers, so 贵族宝贝pk Shanghai Longfeng贵族宝贝/ this site looks more domineering and beautiful. The site after I began to worry that the new station, it is not easy to change link. I’ve been coming to love Shanghai until the website included snapshot of the day is, so stop plus a lot of Links group, change link, inside the group shouted to change consequences as can be imagined, only a few, I have to set their own goals, every day for more than three links. read more

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Check the two pick three distribution keyword optimization experience summary

on the words of the site for a reasonable layout, is the search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) important work, through the correct selection and distribution, can improve the site’s search rankings, and get more traffic. Then we how to carry out the reasonable layout of keywords? Extension network according to Chengdu Meida network marketing experience, are summarized as follows:

we set the keywords, the first to search for the keyword set, see whether accord with user search habits. For example, a website to sell fire equipment, the user search habits are generally "fire fighting equipment which is good", not "which a factory fire equipment quality standard". If the initial investigation without keyword set keywords may appear random, no user search, that this word has no meaning. At the same time, in addition to avoid investigation of key words words mistakes, also helps all the keywords in different channel page arrangement. Every one of the words (web page classification and home page) should determine the target page in advance, that is to correspond to -URL keywords. read more

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Enterprise web site name how to take to promote



name of a website like the name of a person, his parents to give their name must not casually play, should have a certain purpose, mainly want to become what kind of people after the children. The site is the same, when in planning to do some industry site, they will have to give your website a resounding name, let others that is easy to remember, but also contains the connotation of

site name in Shanghai Longfeng optimization promotion plays an important role. A creative website name can let people have the temptation to click, and an easy job to do let other people remember it, although we all know that website brand is spreading out on their own, but there is no pre prepared, will let the webmaster friends go very many detours; and now all industry like a raging fire for the competition, we can only from the details of the start, have a chance to compete with them in the future read more

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Combination marketing software more simple than ordinary marketing software

is a common marketing software to fill in the information from the release process, we can see from the information to fill in the information released at least 7 steps above, and more complex set of trouble. The software in the actual operation of the process is very complicated, so that greatly reduces the work efficiency.

marketing software, is the enterprise network marketing to save time, save cost, improve efficiency. Simple in operation to the software of humanity, so as to make the network marketing easier. read more

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Five kinds of structure of easy to love Shanghai right down

see h tag usage, Zac in Shanghai Longfeng combat password H1 tags, a page only one, more will make love in Shanghai that you are cheating, and the use H1 tags, the home page, where in general is l>

optimized code standardization – URL

three: H tag abuse

two: duplicate content, do only

: a

duplicate content form, there are a large number of duplicate content sites, duplicate content here, refers to the existence of a large number of duplicate content in the website, one is due to the cause of URL, there is a program, look at some of the dynamic website, in general there are 2 addresses, one is dynamic, a pseudo static address, this is also a form, but it also set up wood way, another is the same as im286, published an article in im286, and many of the two domain names will be able to see this situation, a lot of repetitive content can be seen, is often see these, there is an error caused by duplicate content pages, duplicate content on the website of the harm is great, try to do a corresponding content of a web site is URL. Uniqueness. The content of the website, generally keep on repeating the title, this time you can stick to the noble baby administrator tools, detection and analysis can be carried out in the station, if there is a repeat title, so this time to modify, even if it is paged form also to write blades in the code, the number of page is very important read more

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All belong to the double shift conference aspect how to search for a slice of a massive user from

registration channel: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/

The first aspect is the

at present, more and more Internet users Chinese is experiencing a shift from the desktop to the mobile terminal, large screen mobile phone, tablet devices and popular network operators and service perfect laid the foundation for the rapid development of mobile search love Shanghai. The site from PC station to a more mobile station and APP development, free access to traffic from mobile search, has been the concern of the developers. read more

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A5 marketing why A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis can bring such a good optimization effect for the we

two, A5 Shanghai dragon team for diagnosis of


in fact, in this five years, A5 marketing team has more than 2000 home Shanghai dragon website done Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, they chose our reasons for the majority of marketing: A5 diagnosis has done more than five years, now is the first Shanghai dragon diagnostic service providers. More importantly, in the diagnosis of our customers, a lot of feedback effect is very good, there are too many companies due to the implementation of the powerful, let website traffic doubled and doubled, even ten fold increase. This not only make the customer happy, we are also very pleased to read more

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An important part of the analysis of the bidding data data monitoring

in the blog also updated some articles on the aspect of data analysis, data analysis, analysis of several core data analysis steps, if no friends can read my article on my blog to find these articles, today we mainly discuss the topic is in the data analysis and data monitoring this link. As everyone knows, the data analysis is based on a more accurate data under the premise of the work, if there is no way to monitor the data (can not accurately know which keywords bring dialogue or transformation which keywords bring), so we can only rely on the sense of "high conversion words" do you think this on the basis of accurate our marketing strategy by feeling? Making, you feel our account optimization direction come from? Maybe we’re here there will be a lot of questions, so don’t worry, I will tell you how I was doing the bidding price monitoring data of the. read more

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FAQ nofollow you know

? The


joined the nofollow label in two ways:

"nofollow" label is a label of noble baby, Yahoo and Microsoft Corp to put together a few years ago, the link with the tag will not be calculated weights, the search engine supports nofollow properties, inhibition of blog or forum junk messages to a great extent. The webmaster is a good thing. The following is the common problem of Lou song song nofollow.

this code to tell the search engines, the entire page is not tracking code into the code between. read more

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The scoop buy links hidden behind

A: noble baby (the world’s largest search engine, the main battlefield of the domestic foreign trade site)

is a very important link for the website optimization in terms of the "chain". The search engine that A website the links to the B web site, A is standing for a vote of confidence in the B station, can effectively enhance the authority of the B station, the PR value of search engine ranking. Baby Pagerank famous and noble love Shanghai CEO Robin Li hyperlink analysis of patent, are working this way based on search engine. Subsequently, the link trading emerged on the Internet now shine blossom everywhere. Almost all of the site advertising can see his figure. As we all know Shanghai dragon "hang link" for help in ranking, but Gu Jun for everyone here to buy secret behind the link to the site to bring worries. read more

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The website is more than just maintaining the more important is that it reflects the value of conten

three, website content update tips large total.


two, the readability of valuable original content.


believes that many webmaster website content is the original search engine will be like, but the fact is not like this, because the search engine algorithm of continuous improvement, in the search engine ranking is also more and more only, and continuously explore the needs of users and is to determine whether a site by the user’s favorite, so we in the process of updating the site, as far as possible from the user’s perspective to write articles, only in this way can we make the website content readabilityto higher, so naturally the PV value will be higher, love Shanghai through user feedback behavior may think user content for the site are compared high, giving a higher score, natural days and months multiplying will give great weight, read more

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ncrease website backlinks trick

8. development tools available, published and have a download address. 4, at the same time.

B, analysis of peer links to external sites, find industry internal love Shanghai to update the web site

A, clear the content of their website publicity to their website,

C, BBS promotion: suitable for owners to use are: A5 forum, CHINAZ forum, behind bbs.

7. open source web application development plug-in, and leave the author links.

4. exchange links. But the attention and link farms far away.

2. recommended links with each partner. read more

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Love Shanghai Lee the search engine index system overview two

is actually in the establishment of inverted index also need to have a storage process to write library, and in order to improve the efficiency of this process also requires all term and offset is stored in the file header, and the data compression, which involves much specialization in this did not mention. Today to briefly introduce the retrieval system after index.

(1) is the search engine will extract the key words in the article, according to the word segmentation program divided into good words, and each record > read more

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