A single brush into Taobao arena outside the necessary unspoken rule could not possible within is t


was first exposed to the Internet, Alipay has not familiar with, never know the Alibaba also has a wife (MOM), also have never thought that the original descendants of Baba are against Ali mother growing up…… Even hear the brush, but also always feel a local phenomenon, until the gradual entry of a friend into the Taobao shop industry, until a friend has done a single brush life.

sales and praise to promote the value of a single brush into the unspoken rules Taobao

honey, spent 23 yuan to buy a bottle of Lancome all essential oils, at first glance, it% two hundred is false, but Taobao ranked very high, very high sales, the evaluation is all full of praise. Buy, I received 5 yuan from a shop to send back the spot, five points praise to 5 yuan cash back now, only fools do not dry, so a honey relish spent 18 yuan to buy a bottle of essential oil with the international famous brand, once, on the shelf. read more

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And more than the number of safe communication guide double 11 online shopping phone number rest ass

fraud means endless, everywhere can be seen fraud messages, these sources of information leakage. If you can nip in the bud, before sharing mobile phone number, avoid the risk of information leakage caused by the loss of personal property of the


fishing links to small fish catch big fish

recently, Mr. Zhang, who lives in Yueyang, WeChat suddenly received a "X Dong 11 double discount purchase information for iPhone7, a popular starting point to open the link, it is a circle of friends who participated in this event, please help Mr. Zhang to bargain. Mr. Zhang successfully bargain 1000 yuan, 1000 yuan to inform this page pop-up dialog box will discount into his bank card, just enter the name, bank account number, mobile phone number. Zhang would like to send this is a friend, and do not need to enter the online banking password, it should be relatively safe to enter the relevant information. However, the money did not receive instead of being fraudulent messages and must receive a day of advance deposit margin calls harassment, up to more than and 80 messages a day. read more

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Shop selling cottage electricity supplier must delete its web page

Xinhua news agency in Beijing on June 3rd under the network electric eye "55 degree Cup", "lemon Cup" hot, but many consumers to online shopping is "copycat" version. From the beginning of next month, the management of the work of the patent department, after receiving a complaint, after the review found that the patent infringement, the electricity supplier platform to delete or screen the relevant web pages in a timely manner.

This decision

patent management department, is mainly based on the new changes will be from July 1st to start the implementation of the "patent administrative enforcement measures", to better safeguard the e-commerce consumers and the legitimate rights and interests of patentees. read more

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What is what blessing package Glory for WeChat red patch

[Reuters] news billion state power in February 22nd, last year, the Tencent’s trading treasure electricity supplier’s vice president Liu Hongfei left the venture, establish the "what benefits" business platform. The day before, what benefits on the line to a variety of gifts can send "red envelopes" in the mobile terminal: what blessing package.

WeChat red tired? After WeChat charges, is not a kind of do not want to mention now, and don’t know how to deal with the psychological balance? What benefits CEO Liu Hongfei to play jokes: "red war BAT played for two years, next year to play this, do not trouble trouble? You or a fee to change for blessing package." read more

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Drink cloud providers focus on mobile nternet accelerate the pace of new wine revolution

now the impact of the tide of the Internet, the traditional market has shrunk dramatically, liquor dealers are facing unprecedented difficulties. Due to the changes in the circulation market, more and more businesses and terminals to establish contact, the status of dealers has been weakened, poor channel control, weak financial strength, lack of competitiveness…… These are the true portrayal of the status quo dealers. Is committed to providing high-quality marketing business and cloud services for all levels of national liquor dealers, with the combination of B2B Internet wine e-commerce and financial services "Internet plus" mode, the downstream supply and demand resource acquisition, enhance the competitiveness of the liquor dealers, help them to master the control rights and the right to speak of the market. read more

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Taobao O2O interpretation the management of online payment is the key

local life service is five or six hours of the sun, the future is no less than the hope of manufacturing, retail industry." In a recent media interview, Ma made it clear that the O2O optimistic, it is waiting for the opportunity to wireless internet." So, how to grasp the opportunity to do a good job of local life, O2O, Taobao has become the most important task on the shoulders of wireless.


wireless indeed brewing some new ways, Taobao wireless division vice president Qiu Changheng in this week’s media day revealed that Taobao is a "life circle" plan, around the user related shopping and consumption moved to mobile phone. read more

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n the end whether to register the cat than the domain name Mobi

In the end whether to register the cat than the domain name (Mobi)

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Tencent electricity supplier force digital business music combined hardware terminal

Last May 18th

Tencent electricity supplier announced independent operation, its business under the jurisdiction of QQ music has caused the industry attention. When the Tencent electricity supplier CEO Wu Xiaoguang said in an internal e-mail, the Tencent will draw on the experience of development of digital business Amazon business, now this strategy product surfaced, relying on the business is QQ music.

the number of days before the Tencent launched a new electricity supplier website easy discovery channel (faxian.51buy.com), launched a jointly launched by the QQ music and unlimited Hifi system provider Sonos wireless hi fi. From the mobile phone, iPad and other computer interrupt QQ music users, you can control the remote control technology to play HD music. read more

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