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Morocco Reaffirms Firm Commitment to Fighting Drug Trafficking

Addis-Ababa – Morocco reaffirmed its firm and resolute commitment to fight drug trafficking which is a national priority.“Pursuant to its international commitments in this area, Morocco reaffirms its firm commitment to the goals and principles laid down in the 2009 political declaration and action plan on international cooperation for an integrated and balanced strategy against this global issue, within the framework of the principle of shared responsibility,” said Morocco’s report to the 24th meeting of heads of departments in charge of the national plan on the fight against illegal drug trafficking in Africa, which opened on Tuesday in Addis-Ababa.Morocco, which deems that fighting the drug plague is a national priority which falls under a security, health, and socio-economic logic, voiced its readiness and resolute commitment to fully cooperate with all partner actors to counter drug trafficking which is a common challenge. Surveying efforts made to foster the fight against drug trafficking, the report noted that the Moroccan authorities have multiplied search operations at the borders, coasts and crossing points through the setting up of adapted mechanisms which has helped dismantling several criminal organizations and seizing large drug catches.The source said that, for the year 2013, efforts by Moroccan security services led to the seizure of over 100 tons of cannabis resin, over 219 tons of kif, 14.5 kg of coke and over 450,357 psychotropic pills. read more

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