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Xining health work conference proposed more favorable policies to benefit the people

March 18th, the Xining municipal health work conference held in 2011. Xining 12th Five-Year health development ideas and key tasks in 2011, there will be more favorable policies to benefit the people.

during 11th Five-Year, the basic health care system in Xining basic establishment, major disease prevention and control capabilities continue to improve. The coverage of basic medical security has been gradually expanded, and the reimbursement of medical expenses for the 2 million 271 thousand people who participated in the program has reached RMB 186 million yuan, which is the first to achieve the full coverage of the new rural cooperative medical system in the province in the first time in the past 3 years. The level of health of the people is also increasing, the average life expectancy of fifteen years from the end of the age of 73 to the age of 74, maternal mortality and children under the age of 5, infant mortality has decreased significantly. read more

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